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Our Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

High Performance Swimming Club revolves around every aspect of swimming. We value every member and therefore provide a high quality swimming program and service. High Performance wants to create a safe and pleasant environment for everyone involved in our swimming club.

Vision Statement

We want our swimmers to achieve excellence in swimming and in their personal lives and to expand the swimming community of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.


Mrs. Gerrie van Beek

Manager for the High Performance Swimming Club

Mrs. Gerrie van Beek has been involved in swimming for the last 30 years, coaching in Dubai since 1995. She is a well known and recognized swimming coach throughout Dubai.  Working within the swimming world has  led Gerrie to follow many different coaching and teaching clinics which has in turn increased her capability as a swimming teacher but also as a swimming club manager.

Gerrie is dedicated to swimming, and is a devoted and hard working manager on behalf of her club High Performance Swimming. She has a vision to try and increase swimming in and around Dubai. Working alongside Coach Konstantin Bushmelev she has been able to successfully manage all components needed to run the High Performance Swimming Club to a very high level and still give all the swimmers a club feeling.

Mr. Konstantin Bushmelev

Head coach and founder of High Performance Swimming Club

Konstantin Bushmelev studied at the Siberian State University of Physical Culture in Omsk and received his degree in the Specialist of Specialization Theory and Methods of Swimming.

He has been involved in swimming since the age of 7. During his swimming career he represented the National team of Russia in the finals of European and Russian championships and the Asian and Balkan games. His own swimming experience and the knowledge he received from his study made him particularly knowledgeable about swimming coaching and he is able to transmit this knowledge to all his swimmers.

Konstantin has been a head coach since 2004 in the UAE .During this time he has been working with the expat community for private and government organisations in Dubai .During the time it has allowed him to grow, both mentally and physically.

His passion for the sport swimming can be seen by the amount of time and effort he puts into his work, to make the perfect schedule for his diverse amount of swimmers. Konstantin is exceedingly devoted to swimming; his enthusiasm for the sport is conveyed to the athletes he trains, who in turn become devoted and committed swimmers.

He now manages a swimming program for the swimmers of the High Performance swimming club which includes swimming schedules, dry side training, diet advise and mental training. His skill as a leader and a coach has resulted in many swimmers ranking high in national and international competitions across the globe; with his swimmers being able to represent their country in the competitions both indoor and open water.

HPSC Coaches

All our coaches are not only highly qualified coaches but qualified lifesavers as well. All coaches are very motivated and have many years of coaching experience. Living and working in a multi-cultural environment we believe that children feel at home in our club, as we strive to explain all exercises in a language they understand. Our coaches cover the following languages; English, Russian, Dutch, German, Serbian and Philippine. 

Mr Peter Torririt 

Swimming teacher 

How long have you been coaching for and why did you decide to get into it?

I have been coaching since 1993, during my college days. I finished my degree in Bachelor of physical education and since I have graduated I have been teaching swimming and other sports in different schools in the Philippines and now in Dubai.

How do you plan your lesson/sessions and where do you get your ideas from?

Nowadays, I plan my lessons in my head and  I will write them it my notebook.

Where do you see the sport going in Dubai?

Dubai is very active in terms of sports, I see sports here will be competitive, massive in all different fields of sports.

What is your favourite stroke and why?

My favourite was Breaststroke, it’s unique because of it’s movement compare to others stroke, and very useful and relaxing.

What is/was your greatest achievement?

I don’t have a big achievement in terms of competition when I was young, but I think being a coach now my biggest achievement is see the child learn to swim and see them progress.

Who is your role model and why?

My idol is Mark Spitz, 1972 Munich Olympic champion, but role model during my college days was coach Sta. Maria and coach Salamat they are both amazing in swimming.

What are your other hobbies apart from swimming?

The other sports I do are basketball and badminton.

Mr Marko Skakaljevic 

Swimming coach 

How long have you been coaching for and why did you decide to get into it?

I have been coaching for 5 years and I decided to get into it because this was the only thing I could do, knowing I will do good job and influence lives and careers of many young people. Since I was a kid, around 4 years old, mostly everything was around pools and swimming. Firstly, learning all the strokes, then doing age group training, started competing at very young age…etc. Soon enough, 10 years later you see yourself trying to train as hard as you can day in day out to make yourself better and putting your training No.1 on your priority list. Experiences I had while being a swimmer are things that will stay with me for the rest of my life, both ups and downs since I have had them all. In my opinion, understanding swimmers that you coach, knowing how they feel, think and perform is a great asset in this work that makes everything much easier. In addition, influencing young swimmers lives and guiding them towards their goals is not a job, it’s a privilege.

How do you plan your lesson/sessions and where do you get your ideas from?

Planning swimming training is one of the most creative things you can do in life. There are so many different options and thing’s you can do to maximize the effect of training that at some point it becomes an art.

When I get the term schedule and venues, first thing is a term general plan, that is in line with the year general plan. In this case I try to put into account all the factors possible to influence training such as: pool length, pool depth, training time, training duration, physical state of my swimmers, psychological condition of my swimmers, equipped pool or diving block, backstroke flags, etc. Every session is planned and eventually modified to contain all the training dynamics and make sure progress comes first.  In addition to that, being an ASCA lifetime member, I get exclusive access to newest trends and inventions in swimming around the world so on daily basis I try to involve them in my training.

Where do you see the sport going in Dubai?

Sport in Dubai has great potential. Considering the training conditions such as venues and weather that allows you to do almost any sport all year long is a unique opportunity.  I think Dubai has huge sport potential.

What is your favorite stroke and why?

My favourite stroke is definitely breaststroke as it requires a great amount of strength and skill combined. Practicing in breaststroke is quite different that other strokes as the unnatural movement really makes it hard to master. 


What is/was your greatest achievement?

 My greatest achievement in my swimming career was the opportunity to compete against top athletes on a international level, I won quite few medals (around 150) and proudly represented my region. 

Who is your role model and why?

Role model who influenced my professional life was my grandfather, who built in me the sense of responsibility in the work I do. .

What are your other hobbies apart from swimming?

Apart from swimming my hobbies are mostly related to sports. On daily basis I try to do any sports activity that will make me feel good, such as playing football, tennis, basketball, etc. 

Gwen van Beek

Assistant Manager and teacher. 

How long have you been coaching for and why did you decide to get into it?

Swimming has always been a part of my life and was constantly in the water as a child. My mother was teaching swimming and I would join to help with the class and do demonstrations. As I got older I started swimming seriously and became very passionate for the sport. When I was training for competitions I did not have any time to coach as I was also studying. However, when I finished studying I decided to become a fulltime coach and swimmer, which is why I went and got the teaching certificates. I enjoyed teaching and coaching people as I would love to see other people enjoying the sport that I love so much. I furthered my coaching and swimming by taking more courses, such as Open Water and Race Pace Training, which I apply to the lessons I teach. I enjoy teaching all levels and ages because I want people to progress to the next level and become the best swimmers possible.

How do you plan your lesson/sessions and where do you get your ideas from?

My own swimming sessions that I used to participate in is where I get most of my inspiration. Additionally, the courses that I have taken part in provide some more ideas on how to train the swimmers. I always try to keep up to date with the swimming world by watching videos about the latest techniques and read articles.


Where do you see the sport going in Dubai?

I know the Dubai Sport Council is actively organising the structure of sports in Dubai and they have a big vision to be able to provide sports for all. I think swimming is one of the most important sports as Dubai and the UAE is surrounded by water, which is why we need to take the precaution to learn water safety. I believe High Performance Swimming Club will continue to grow in all areas and I hope that one day we can achieve the goal of providing swimming lessons to everyone in Dubai and the UAE.

What is your favourite stroke and why?

Butterfly, I love the flow and movement of the stroke.

What is/was your greatest achievement?

Swimming in the World Cup Finals and making a Personal Best timing on many of my races.

Who is your role model and why?

My Swimming Coach Konstantin Bushmelev. He pushed me and taught me how to be determined and dedicated in the pool as well as in life.

What are your other hobbies apart from swimming?

Reading, fitness, beach, traveling.