High Performance  Swimming Club has a comprehensive swimming program in which we encourage and develop adult swimming from the absolute beginner to the more confident swimmer wishing to develop their strokes and stamina. This summer all Adults sessions will take place in Dubai International Academy.

The LEARN TO SWIM classes are for those who have non of a little swimming skills and would like to get confident in the water. Read our blog on ” You want to learn to swim” 

In our STROKE CORRECTION CLASSES  we will teach you the correct techniques of  all 4 strokes, Freestyle, Breast stroke, Back stroke and Butterfly including starts and turns.

Adults participating in our SWIM FIT CLASSES  should be able to swim with good techniques. Our coach will give you a swim set to swim which will be a fun mix of all 4 strokes (Freestyle, Breast stroke, Back stroke and Butterfly) with a distance between 2 and 3 Km per session. 

At your first  swimming session your swimming level will be assessed and the coach will advise you about the correct swimming program for you.


Adult Program 
Adult Stroke Correction 6:00 PM - 7:00 PMSunday till Wednesday
Adult Swim Fit 6:00 PM - 7:30 PMSunday till Wednesday
Adults Learn to swim 6:45 PM - 7.30 PMSunday till Wednesday
Fee structure
Our Adults summer swimming program will be using the  pay as you go payment system.

This means that you will be able to buy as many classes  as you like, in the form of tickets, and use them any day at the venue of your choice throughout the summer program. One ticket equals one swimming lesson, and one swimmer, for any of the lessons provided during the summer.

Once you have bought the desired amount of classes you can start swimming. At the start of each lesson, the ticket will need to be handed back to the coach which will be the proof that the swimmer has paid for the lesson. 

Amount of classesAdults Learn to swim
45 minute class
Adults Stroke Correction
1 hour class
Adults Swim Fit
1,5 hour session
1AED 105AED 131.25AED 100
5AED 498.75AED 630AED 450
10AED 892.50AED 1155AED 800
15AED 1260AED 1655AED 1125
20AED 1575AED 2100AED 1400

Tickets can be bought from our administrator who is available at the pool side before the start of the lesson and can be paid in; 

  • Cash
  • Credit – Debit Card

Be aware that this offer is only valid until the 30th August 2018 and that all classes need to be used within before the end of the summer term.

For more information call us on +971501754747 or  Contact us