Adults Program

High Performance  Swimming Club has a comprehensive swimming program in which we encourage and develop adult swimming from the absolute beginner to the more confident swimmer wishing to develop their strokes and stamina. 

Our Adults sessions  are being held in Sunmarke School, JVT and will run from Sunday 14th April until Thursday 4th July 2019.

The LEARN TO SWIM classes are for those who have non of a little swimming skills and would like to get confident in the water. 

In our STROKE CORRECTION CLASSES  we will teach you the correct techniques of  all 4 strokes, Freestyle, Breast stroke, Back stroke and Butterfly including starts and turns.

Adults participating in our MASTER SWIMMING sessions  should be able to swim with good techniques. Our coach will give you a swim set to swim which will be a fun mix of all 4 strokes (Freestyle, Breast stroke, Back stroke and Butterfly) with a distance between 2 and 3 Km per session. 

At your first  swimming session your swimming level will be assessed and the coach will advise you about the correct swimming program for you.

Read our blog on ” You want to learn to swim” 


Click HERE to find out about the schedule and fees. 

Before starting our program please register your details on LINE under Adult registration. 



For more information call us on +971501754747 or  Contact us