Want to know your swimming level? Book your free assessment today!

For new swimmers who are interested in joining High Performance Swimming but are not sure what level or class to join we offer free assessments. Assessments are offered in various locations and at various times.

Before booking an assessment all new swimmers will need to fill out the Student Enrollment Form so that we have all their details and this form will create an account on our online booking platform - CLASSCARD - which you will use to book the assessment and any future classes.

I have more than 1 swimmer I would like to register, what should I do?

If you have 2 or more swimmers who you would like to join you will need to fill out a form for each swimmer and book the assessment for each swimmer as well.


The new term has begun and we are offering assessments for new swimmers who are interested in joining our swimming lessons.

 Assessments take about 15 minutes to complete and the coaches will be looking at what skills and strokes the swimmers already know.

We have the option to do the assessments in 

Nord Anglia International School on Mondays at 6PM, Wednesdays at 5PM and Saturdays at 3PM

Regent International School on Saturdays at 11AM

Sunmarke School on Wednesdays at 6PM and Saturdays 12:45PM


Once you have completed the assessment our internationally accredited coaches will inform you on which class the swimmer should join You will also receive an email with the assessment test the child completed. You can then book and pay for the package you like through our online booking system. 


To view your profile, log into the CLASSCARD with the email address and password you created for your account. On this profile you can view the swimmers schedule, attendance and any notes the coach has written for the swimmer. 

You can check out the swimmer's schedule through the Classcard app, available on the App Store and Google Play.

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