Early Introduction to Water:

Give your Child a Head Start with Baby Splash 

Give your child the gift of water confidence and safety with our specialized swimming lessons for children aged 3 months and up. Start them early for a lifetime of aquatic success.

Water activities have long been recognized as beneficial for child development. When babies are exposed to water at an early stage, they not only learn essential survival skills but also experience sensory stimulation that aids their cognitive growth. By joining baby splash lessons in Dubai, your little one will develop confidence and comfort around water while having loads of fun!

Start Your Child's Swim Journey Early

with High Performance Sports Club

High Performance offers a range of specialized baby splash programs designed specifically for infants and toddlers in Dubai. These carefully curated lessons provide a safe environment where your child can explore the aquatic world under professional supervision. From simple floating techniques to basic swimming movements, these classes ensure that your baby becomes familiar with water while building strength and coordination.

30 minute classes

Parent & Child in the water

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Dive into a lifetime of benefits for your child by starting swimming lessons early with Baby Splash

Learn Water Safety

By introducing your baby to water and teaching basic swimming skills from an early age, they can develop confidence and learn to navigate aquatic environments safely

Early Start advantage

Starting babies in swimming lessons early can help them develop a positive association with water and overcome any fear or anxiety. This can lay the foundation for a lifetime of enjoyment and safety in and around water.

Bond with your Baby

Swimming lessons provide a unique bonding experience between parents and their babies. The physical contact, closeness, and shared experiences can strengthen the parent-child relationship and create lasting memories.

Improved Sleep

The physical activity and sensory stimulation during swimming lessons can contribute to improved sleep patterns in babies. It can help expend energy and promote a more restful sleep.

Locations for Baby Splash Classes

We offer swimming lessons at various location across Dubai. Once you get in touch with our team you can discuss the location best suited for you.

Dubai Ladies Club

Dubai Ladies Club

Lessons are offered in the shaded pool located next to the restaurant. The water is cleaned and tempeatrue controlled all year round.

Clarion School, Al Quoz

Clarion School

Located in Al Quoz, this pool is fully covered and lessons are available all year round. You can reach the pool through the back side of the school, via Gate 4.


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