How To Book Online

Using Our Online Booking Platform - Classcard



You can now easily book and pay for your sport classes through our online booking system - Classcard.

To choose the right package for you, check our website and find which level or class you would like to join.

We offer sport classes at various locations, so please select the location you would like to attend. For each location you can select the sport class and level you would like to book, this page will give you an overview of the class as well as the term schdule for that specified activity. 

Once you know which class you want at our location of choice, click the BOOK NOW button, which will take you to the online Classcard booking page. Follow the below steps to select your package and pay online.

step 1

Select the Class 

You can choose the class by going through our website, each page will have a link to its respective class for each location. Or you may have recieved the booking link from our office with the level for your child.

step 2

Choose the Package

In the booking page you will be given options for the number of sessions per week you would like to join. Pick how many sessions you want your child to attend per week. Once you have chosen the package please click "Select & Continue".

step 3

Choose the Days and Proceed to Checkout

Once you have chosen the package, you can then choose the days of the week you want to attend. You will only be able to choose the number of days which are reflected in the package you have selected, for example, Once/Week package allows you to only select one day. 

After you have selected the days, click on "Checkout Now", this will take you to your cart. 

step 4

Add any Discount Code

In your cart you will be able to add any valid discount code. To add the discount, please enter the code at the bottom of the cart. 

step 5

Proceed to Payment

Once your chosen package is in your cart you can then click "Pay now" which will direct you to our online payment portal. Once the payment is recieved, your booking if confirmed and you will receive an email with your booking confirmation.

step 6

Booking Confirmed

After the payment has ben made for the package, you will receieve an email to your registered account email with the booking confirmation. Once you have recieved this email, your booking is confirmed. In the confirmation email it will list your selected schedule.

If there are any issues such as no confirmation email was recieved or the selected schedule is incorret, please contact our Admin team at - +971 50 175 4747


Want to book for 2 or more swimmers?

You can book packages for each swimmer, when choosing the package simply click "Who's attending". Once you have chosen the package for one swimmer and added it to the cart, you can go back to the booking page, choose the level and package for the next swimmer and click on their name under "Who's attending". Once all swimmers have their package and are added to the cart you can proceed to checkout.


This will be created when you make your first booking, you will be asked to fill in your email and create a password. Please remember to save your account details as these will be usd to log into your Classcard account.

In your Classcard, you can check your child's upcoming schedule and End of Term results. 

Not sure if you have an account yet? Contact us and we can help you create a new account or resend the log in to the email you signed up with.

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