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Online Booking now available with High Performance Swimming

High Performance has recently launched a new online booking platform with CLASSCARD. This online system will allow you to book your child's swimming classes and allows you to directly pay for these classes online! By creating a profile for your swimmers you can easily check their upcoming schedule, any notes the coaches write or any upcoming changes.

We are continuously working on improving the portal and making it as easy to use. If you have any queries about how to book or log in please do not hesitate to contact us.


We offer classes at various locations. Once you know the level of your child you can then choose the location you would like to swim at. To check which level swims at what location please take a look at our Learn to Swim Program and our Swim Squad Program schedules.

Once you have decided on the package you wish to buy (for the recommended class for your swimmer), you can then go to the level page to book the class or click on the locations below and choose the level you would like to join.


To book the class, choose the number of weekly sessions you would like to join. You can then click on the days you want to join and proceed to checkout. This will then lead you to the online gateway portal where you can finalize your booking and pay for the swimming classes. If we have any Promotional Codes on offer you can fill these in at the checkout page. If you are booking for multiple swimmers make sure to put the code for each swimmer.

Choose the level you would like to join.

Choose the number of sessions per week.

Pick the days you want to join.

Add the discount code if applicable.

Proceed to pay for the classes.

Once your booking is complete, you will receive a booking confirmation to the email address you signed up with. With this booking confirmation your swimming classes are confirmed and you can view the details when you log in to your online profile.

If you do not continue with the online payment your booking will not be successful and the classes will not be confirmed, if you are having any issues with the online payment system please contact our team and we will be able to resolve the issue for you,

What if I want to sign up 2 or more swimmers?

Of course this is possible as well, for each swimmer you will need to book their own package. After booking and paying for one swimmer, go back to the online booking page and choose their class, and then the package you would like to go for.

Under the dates to select, you have the option to choose 'Who's attending?" Click this and you will have the option to "+ Add New Student", add the name of the new swimmer, select the dates, and then you can continue to the online payment portal. You can repeat this for as many swimmers you would like to sign up.

If you are stuck on any options or having any difficulty logging in and booking online do not hesitate to contact us and we will help resolve any queries you may have.


To view your profile, log into CLASSCARD with the email address and password you created for your account. On this profile you can view the swimmers schedule, their attendance and any notes the coach has written for the swimmer.

You can also check out the swimmer's schedule through the Classcard app, available on the App Store and Google Play.

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