Rules of Conduct and Behaviour

Every swimmer enrolled in our swimming programs will have to adhere to the swim club academy rules and regulations to make sure that the program and development is done in a professional manner and thus, ensures the high quality of service.
  • Swimmers are required to arrive 5 minutes prior to classes commencing. (15 min for senior and junior elite).
  • Swimmers are not allowed to enter the water without the supervision of a High Performance Swimming Coach.
  • Swimmers need to wait quietly on the pool side before the start of the lesson.
  • High Performance team kit must be worn at all times.
  • No jewellery is to be worn during training (includes watches, necklaces, bangles etc.).
  • No food is to be consumed at poolside (spectators or swimmers).
  • No glass containers or bottles are allowed on the poolside (spectators or swimmers).
  • Swimmers are not allowed to leave the premises without Parents or a Guardian.
  • All Swimmers, Parents and Guardians are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible and appropriate manner at all times and to respect the facilities and their conditions of use. Gross misconduct and disrespect may result in expulsion from the Club.
  • If the swimmer cannot attend a swimming session, please inform HPSC office by mailing or inform your child’s swimming coach.
  • The Coaches are not approachable during swimming session and training (if parents feel that anything needs to be discussed then please call outside coaching hours or make an appointment).
  • Swimmers need to change in the changing rooms, swimmers are not allowed to change on the poolside.
By agreeing to a program with the High performance Swimming company you agree to the terms and conditions laid out above.
Late Policy
Coaches and teachers will not stay after a scheduled lesson to make up time caused by tardiness. Coaches and teachers also have the right to refuse any swimmers who arrive to the class later than 10 minutes, unless this has been communicated prior to the start of the lesson.

High Performance Swimming Club revolves around every aspect of swimming.
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