All of the listed competitions available in  the upcoming season , September 2018 – June 2019 .

Swimmers who are making the entry timings for the completions shown below, will be invited by their coach to represent HPSC.

We wish all swimmers invited to partake in many competitions to represent High Performance Swimming Club.

Please note more competitions may be added or some changes could be made in the future.

Mini Squad Competition Calendar

DateDayCompetition OrganizersLong course
Short course
Open water
9th November 2018 FridayBronze pathway Round 1Short course DUBAI
10th November 2018Saturday La MerOpen waterLe Mer South Beach
22nd February 2019FridayBronze pathway Round 2 Short course DUBAI
16th March 2019SaturdayLe Mer Open waterLe Mer Beach
7th June 2019Friday Bronze pathway Round 2 Short course DUBAI


Development Squad Competition Calendar
DateDayCompetition Long Course
Short course
Open water
2nd November 2018 FridaySilver pathway Round 1 Short course DUBAI
10th November Saturday La MerOpen water Le Mer South Beach
25th January 2019FridaySilver pathway Round 2 Short course Abu Dhabi
1st and 2nd MarchFriday and SaturdayEmirates cupShort course Hamdan Sports Complex
16th MarchSaturdayLe Mer Open water Le Mer Beach
14th June 2019 Silver pathway Round 4Short course Dubai
Advanced and Elite Squad Competition Calendar
DateDayCompetition OrganizersLong course
Short course
Open water
14th -15th and 16th February 2019 Thursday - Friday - Saturday Middle east open Junior ChampionshipHamdan Sports Complex
1st and 2nd MarchFriday - SaturdayEmirates cupShort courseHamdan Sports Complex
15th - 16th March 2019Friday - Saturday BSM Marlins Long course Oman trip
16th March 2019SaturdayLe Mer Open water Le Mer Beach
29th and 30th March 2019 Friday - SaturdayGold pathway Round 3Short courseDUBAI
28th June 2019 FridayGold pathway Round 4Short courseDUBAI
How do I book my child in a competition?
  1. Receive an invitation from the coach by letter and/or message.
  2. The meet sheet should inform you of the closing date of the gala.
  3. Payments should be made before this date to ensure a place, late payments will not be accepted.
  4. Only The High Performance Team will enter the swimmers in their suitable races.
  5. Decisions may be changed by the event organizers regarding the races.
  6. You will be informed about the final entry report.
  7. Arrive at the competition in time for warm up
If you haven’t entered in advance of the meet entry deadline as stated in the meet sheet, you will NOT be allowed to participate in the competition. Entries are NOT accepted the day of the meet. It is best to enter meets as soon as your coach instructs you to rather than wait and risk not getting in.
How will I know which competitions to enter?

Your coach will decide which meets you will attend based on the type of competition, the qualifying times (if any) and your experience level and attendance. Your coach will notify you of upcoming competitions.

What is a Meet Sheet?

The Meet Sheet contains all the information you need to know about the meet including, the location, events offered, the maximum number of events you may enter per day, the entry fees, entry deadlines, start times, warm-up times, and any special information or instructions regarding how the competition is run. Make it a practice to read through the meet sheet before you enter a competition. You are responsible for understanding and being aware of all the information contained in the meet sheet when you enter a competition. 

What events do should I enter?

Your coach will tell you which events he would like for you to compete in. If you have questions or concerns about what events you are swimming, check with your coach.

What things should I bring to a competition?

In your swim bag, you should pack a towel, your swimsuit and an extra swim suit, your team cap and goggles, warm clothing, team kit, warm socks, shoes and flip flops, snacks. Click HERE for more information.

When should I arrive at the competition?

Most competitions have split sessions, with each session (morning and afternoon) running approximately 4 hours. Check the heat sheet to be sure which session (morning or afternoon) you are entered in. The Meet Sheet will also have information about warm-up times for each session. Your coach will give you special instructions regarding what time he wants you there for warm up.

What should I do when I arrive at the competition?

The first thing all swimmers should do when they arrive at a meet is to find and join your teammates and go for warm up. After warm up, the swimmers must be warm and before going to the marshaling make sure you know your heat and lane. All swimmers must be at the marshaling area at least 20 minutes before their first race to check they have their hat and goggles ready. Make sure you are on your best behavior so you are where you’re supposed to be, and don’t miss your race.