Dubai International Academy, Emirates Hills

Alex Popov
Course schedule 
Day Start time Finish TimeTeacher
SaturdayStroke Improvement - L411:30 AM12:30 PMMs Jennifer
Saturday Stroke correction - L511:30 AM12:30 PMMr Marko Skakaljevic

SaturdayPre Squad - L611:30 AM12:30 PMMr Marko Skakaljevic
SaturdayMini Squad11:30 AM1:00 PMMr Marko Skakaljevic
SaturdayIntermediate - L312:15 AM1:00 PMMs Jennifer
ThursdayStroke correction - L54:30 PM5:30 PMMs Konstantin Bushmelev
ThursdayPre Squad - L64:30 PM5:30 PMMr Konstantin Bushmelev
ThursdaySquad training 5:00 PM6:30 PMMr Konstantin Bushmelev
ThursdayBeginners - L24:30 PM5:00 PMMs Jennifer
ThursdayNew beginners 5:00 PM5:30 PMMs Jennifer

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