Upcoming Events

The below list is the upcoming events that High Performance Sports Club will be joining or organising for our students. 
Members will be invited to join these events, through email, and on this page you will be able to directly book the event or register your interest in joining a certain event.
For some swimming competitions there are "Entry Timings" that a swimmer needs to achieve to be able to participate. In this case, you can still register for the event, however, the HPSC Swim Coaches will need to check if the swimmer meets the entry times required to join the races.
You can find more information regarding joining events at the bottom of the page.
Please note more competitions will be added or some changes could be made in the future.

Splash Swim Gala

Date - Saturday 17th June 2023

Location - Sunmarke School Pool

Age Category - Age 3 to 6 years

Level - Confident Beginner to Fundamentals

Event Fee - 73.50 AED

About the event

The Splash Gala is a fun way for swimmers to get introduced to the competitive swimming environment and a chance for the swimmers to show their swimming skills to their parents and coaches.
After the gala there will be a prize ceremony and Pizza Party.

Club Swim Gala

Date - Saturday 17th June 2023

Location - Sunmarke School Pool

Age Category - Ages 6 and Up

Level - Stroke Improvement and Up

Event Fee - 73.50 AED

About the event

The Club Gala is a where swimmers will get the chance to practice all the skills they have learned in the term. All four strokes will be raced in this event. There will be medals and a prize ceremony after the races.

How to join? FAQs

How do I join an event?

You will recieve an invitation for an event by email, which will take you to our events page. On this page you can select the event you are invited to.

Our team will be in touch with you regarding all event information after you have booked.

For events which require payment, you will be able to do this online via the booking link, or for external events you will receive an online invoice.

Which events can I join?

You will receive an email about which events you can join. You coach can also inform you in person about events they would like you to join.

If there is an event that you are interested in joining, you can always ask our team to get more information.

What do I need to bring to an event?

What to bring depends on each event.

But for all swimming events, students should wear their HPSC Team Kit, bring their swim cap, towels, closed shoes and pool shoes, and water to stay hydrated.

Before each event, our team will contact you to inform you about what exactly to bring.

What if I don't register before the deadline?

All events will have deadline dates which is the last date you can register to join an event. 

We will give plenty of notice before an event deadline to register for an event.

Unfortunately, if you have not been able to register before the deadline, the students will not be able to join that chosen event. It is important to register as early as possible to avoid missing out.

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