Fee Structure

Ticket system

Our adults session are designed to be flexible around your busy working schedule. We are now using an adults ticket payment system. This means that you will be able to buy as many classes , in the form of tickets, as you like and use them any day throughout the term. One ticket equals one swimming lesson, and one swimmer, for any of the adults lessons provided during the term.

Be aware that these tickets are only valid for the term you bought them for and any tickets that have not been used by the end of the term CAN NOT be used for the classes in the coming term.

The more tickets you buy in one go, the cheaper the lessons and tickets will be become. This is why we advise you to plan ahead!

Please refer to the required class for the correct fee.

Once you have bought the desired amount of tickets you can start swimming. At the start of each lesson, the ticket will need to be handed back to the coach which will be the proof that you have paid for the lesson. If you do not have a ticket, you cannot participate in the lesson.


Group classes IntensityFeePrivate class
30 minutes per session
FeeSemi Private class
45 minutes per session
Single sessionAED 150Single sessionAED 200Single sessionAED 350
One month package
1 day/weekAED 4505 sessions AED 9505 sessions AED 1100
One month package
2 day/weekAED 80010 sessions AED 180010 sessions AED 1950
Two month package
1 day/weekAED 850
Two month package
2 day/weekAED 1500

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