choose the right goggles and swimming caps for your child

How to chose the right goggles and swimming caps for your child?

  • February 22, 2016

If your child is starting swim lessons, you want to make sure that you get him or her the right equipment. Without a good pair of goggles and a swim cap, being in the water can be very uncomfortable. You want to make sure that your child enjoys their time in the water so investing in a pair of goggles and a swim cap that fits well is a good move. Here’s how to pick the right gear:


Goggles protect your child’s eyes from the chlorinated water in the pool. They also help children see better when they are swimming underwater. Without goggles, children can come home from the pool with red, dry and irritated eyes. A good pair of goggles will allow your child to swim comfortably and build confidence.

  • Start with youth goggles and look at the package for the appropriate ages.
  • Check the suction by placing the goggles on your child’s eyes without putting the strap on. A good pair of goggles will create enough suction to stay on for a few seconds. Without good suction, the goggles will fill with water so make sure you check out a few pairs to find the one with the best fit.
  • Now strap the goggles on. Place the lower strap at eye-level and the higher strap an inch or two above that. Make sure that you can tighten the strap without any slack. Otherwise the goggles may leak.
  • The strap should be tight enough to hold the goggles in place, but not tight enough to cause marks around the eyes or be uncomfortable. The suction comes from the seal on the goggles and not the tightness of the strap.
  • Some goggles have adjustable nose bridges so make sure this piece is adjusted correctly. Some even come with different nose bridges to accommodate different sizes.

Swim Caps

When you join HPSC swimming lessons we will provide a free cap for the swimmer. Caps help protect your children’s hair and keep it out of their face when in the pool. If you want to buy a cap here’s how to choose the best fitting cap:

  • Measure your child’s head with a soft tape measure. The tape should go across the forehead and no more than one inch above the ears.
  • Based on this measurement, you can select a few youth caps that will fit.
  • If your child has a ponytail, then chose a ponytail cap in the right size.
  • A silicone cap has more give and may be better for long hair.
  • Have your child try on the cap for comfort. Make sure he or she tucks all hair under the cap.

Your child may want a cool design or color, but you should insist on the best fitting goggles and cap. Once you find a few items that fit well, then you can be concerned about the color and design.

Take the proper effort to find the best fitting swim equipment for your children and they will have a much better chance of enjoying their swimming experience.