HPSC rules and regulations

Thank you for enrolling in HIGH PERFORMANCE SWIMMING CLUB at Dubai Ladies Club.

Every swimmer enrolled in our swimming programs will have to adhere to the swim club academy rules and regulations to make sure that the program and development is done in a professional manner and therefore ensures the high quality of service.

  1. Swimmers need to arrive 10 minutes before the lesson commences.
  2. Swimmers MUST arrive and leave the venue dressed in appropriate clothes; a T-shirt, Shorts and Flip Flops.
  3. During the lessons swimmer must wear a High Performance Swimming cap, good fitting swim wear and good fitting goggles. Please adjust the goggles before the start of the lesson.
  4. Swimmers need to wait quietly on the pool side before the start of the lesson.
  5. Swimmers are not allowed to enter the water without the supervision of a HPSC Coach.
  6. No jewelry is allowed to be worn during training (watches, necklaces, bangles etc).
  7. Parents and spectators must wait at the designated seating area.
  8. HPSC Coaches are NOT approachable whilst they are coaching a swimming session (if parents feel anything needs to be discussed then please make an appointment or speak to Ms Mary  by calling 056 – 235 6677
  9. Swimmers must follow the teacher’s instructions at all the times.
  10. Running is PROHIBITED anywhere around the poolside.
  11. Parents or guardians must be present to collect their children 5 minutes before the end of the lesson.
  12. Swimmers are not allowed to leave the premises without a parent or guardian.
  13. All swimmers, parents and guardians are expected to conduct themselves in responsible and appropriate manner at all the times in and around the pool area and respect the facilities. Gross misconduct and disrespect may result in expulsion from the Club.


  1. Swimmers will not be able to take part in the program if payment has not been made on time. Please make sure that payment has been made at reception BEFORE THE START of the swimming course.
  2. Swimmers who withdraw from the swimming program for any reason WILL NOT be entitled to a refund.
  3. Spaces are limited in group lessons so please ensure that registration and payment is made as soon as possible to secure a place.
  4. Payments cannot be carried forward or transferred to another swimmer.
  5. The fees paid, cover coaching services within HPSC and are not attributable to individual coaches.
  6. Each term includes any potential scheduled or unscheduled interruptions to training due to matters beyond our control, e.g. weather or maintenance. Whilst every effort will be taken to ensure that training schedule remains consistent, occasionally sessions may be cancelled and made up at another time then the scheduled class.
  7. Please note that any outstanding classes due to sickness will only be scheduled if a doctor’s document is provided to the club. (These classes will only be provided at the discretion of the club at the day and timings and pool convenient.)
  8. Any cancellation of private class need to be done 24 hours prior to the booking, if not then lesson will be counted.


  1. Single or individual classes are valid for 1 week only from the date of purchase. 
  2. Packages for Private classes Adult and Children are valid 2 months form the date of purchase. 
  3. Packages for Group classes Adult and Children as per term basis. 

By agreeing to a program with the High performance Swimming company you agree to the terms and conditions laid out above.