Learn to Swim in 2 Weeks

Become water safe and learn how to swim in 2 weeks with

High Performance Sports Club – Dubai

Do you want your child to be safe around the water and know how to swim? Then sign up for our intensive swimming course where children will learn about water safety and improve their swimming skills, and join a swimming exam at the end of the course.


Saturday 23rd March 2024 


Monday 25th - Saturday 30th March 2024 


Monday 1st - Saturday 6th April 2024 


Clarion School, AL Quoz, Dubai


1 Week - 1,875 AED

2 Weeks - 3,000 AED

9:30 AM - 2 PM

Intensive Swimming lessons

Free Introduction Lesson

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The Intensive Swim course is taught be internationally trained coaches following international lesson standards.

Before starting the intensive swim course we would like to invite your child(ren) to join the Free Introduction Lesson. In the introduction lesson we will have a look at your child(ren)'s current swimming level, capabiity and attitude to see if they would be able to take part in the intensive swimming course. You will also have the chance to meet the coaches who will teach the course and we will explain what the Intensive Swim Course will cover.

Each day in the course there will be 3 hours of swimming lessons and 1.5 hours of break time. During the break the children will be supervised and have time to eat their healthy lunch. Parents are asked to drop the children off before the start of the first lesson, and then return 15 minutes before the end of the third lesson where you can watch your child swim. After the course you are welcome to ask the coach any questions about the swimming lessons. At the end of each week there will be a swimming exam where children will wear regular clothes over their swimming suit and practice important water safety activities such as what to do in case you fall into the water.

For more information please contact us on +971 56 169 1584

Frequently Asked Questions

My Child can already swim a little, what will they learn?

Does your child already know the basics of swimming but you would like them to improve and become completely water safe, then you can just join 1 Week of the camp. Each lesson will work on the child's swimming indurance and improving their swimming technique.

For who is the intensive swim course best suited?

We recommend the course for children who are aged 5 and up and are already confident in the water and willing to learn. The course will be intense with 3 hours of swimming per day, but with our lesson plans, the children will learn to improve their swimming skills very quickly. Our focus is also to make children safe around water and to teach them what to do in cases of emergency, i.e. falling into the water with clothes on. At the end of each week children will get to practice and do a test on what to do in these situations.

What should my child bring to the swim course?

Sports Swimwear (not beachwear)

Swim Cap (you get 1 free cap at the start of the course)

Good fitting goggles


Healthy snack & Water

Easy to wear clothing and shoes to put on in the breaks

Flip Flops or Crocs

Lesson Schedule


Start Time

End Time

Lesson 1

9:30 AM

10:30 AM

Break 1

10:30 AM

11:00 AM

Lesson 2

11:00 AM

12:00 PM

Break 2

12:00 PM

1:00 PM

Lesson 3

1:00 PM

2:00 PM

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