Ladies only – Adults program

Thank you for participating in the adult swimming lessons offered by High Performance Swimming Club at Dubai Ladies Club.

The group sessions will  start from March 2019.

Group and Private lessons need to be booked with the HPSC swimming coach by calling coach Mary on 056 – 235 6677 and paid for at the Reception of Dubai Ladies club before the start of the lesson.  

Ladies, this is your chance to learn to swim without feeling intimidated.

Group Class Schedule

LevelDayStart time Finish TimeDuration
Beginners Tuesday10:00 AM 10:45 AM 45 Minutes
Sunday6:30 PM7:15 PM45 Minutes
Thursday6:30 PM7:15 PM45 Minutes
Stroke correction
Tuesday10:45 AM11:30 AM45 Minutes
Stroke correctionSunday 7:15 PM8:00 PM45 minutes
Stroke correctionThursday 7:15 PM8:00 PM45 Minutes

Fee structure

Our Ladies only adults session are designed to be flexible around your busy working schedule. We can pay for   1 , 5 or 10  classes at a time. One swimming class is 45 minutes. 

Once you have bought the desired number of classes , you can start booking your classes with Mr Mary,

At the start of each lesson, you need to sign on the sign in sheet which will be with the swimming teacher. Once your number of bought lessons has finished, you can buy more lessons from the reception. Please note that the lessons you bought need to be used within the classes offered during the term.  

Please read our rules and regulations before you sign up for the course.  Click HERE