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If your child is a complete beginner or wants to improve their strokes, we offer classes for all ages and levels. At High Performance Swimming we have created a concise and trusted Learn to Swim training program which will allow children to move through the levels at their own pace and skill, and to teach them all swimming skills and to help prepare those who are interested in joining our competitive program. 


Foundation 1

For swimmers aged 2 to 3 years who have never had any experience in the pool or in a swimming class. During this lesson, the teacher will work on getting the swimmer comfortable in the water with fun games and activities.

Class size; 4 swimmers per teacher

Foundation 2

For swimmers aged 3 years and up who are not comfortable being in the water. These lessons will focus on getting the swimmer ready to learn swimming by getting them comfortable in the water. 

Class size; 4 swimmers per teacher

New Beginners

This level is for swimmers who have not had any formal lessons and will be learning the swimming skill from the start. The aim of this level is to introduce young children to a safe and exciting environment where they will enjoy learning how to swim.

Class size; 6 swimmers per teacher

Confident Beginners

In this level, swimmers will start to learn how to properly float on front and back. Blowing bubbles is a main part of this level and not only from their mouth but also being able to blow bubbles through their nose.

Class size; 6 swimmers per teacher


At the end of this level the swimmer will be able to jump into the deep end confidently, push and glide in the streamlined position and swim at least 25 metres on their own.

Equipment needed: Kickboard

Class size; 6 swimmers per teacher

Stroke Improvement

Children will start to improve their basic swimming techniques for frontcrawl and backstroke with the introduction of more advanced drills. The number of lengths will gradually increase throughout the level which will help their overall stamina. 

Equipment needed: Kickboard

Class size; 8 swimmers per teacher

Stroke Correction

Swimmers will focus on all four competitive strokes, learning the basic skills and improving their overall technique. More drills will be taught and the children will be able to swim lengths non-stop as they are able to do a complete tumble turn.

Equipment needed: Kickboard

Class size; 10 swimmers per teacher

Pre Squad

This is the last Learn to Swim  level before swimmers can choose to join the Squad Program or Fitnesss Program. In this level, swimmers will know the proper style for each stroke and know a variety of different drills. They will also have more practice with diving from the block and swimming fast.

Equipment needed: Kickboard & Training Fins

Class size; 10 swimmers per teacher

Swim Fitness and Skills

Swim Fitness and Skills is aimed at swimmers who have completed the Learn to Swim Program but still wish to continue swimming for fitness. Swimmers who do not want to take part in competitions can still keep swimming and improving their strokes.

Equipment needed: Kickboard, Training Fins, Hand Paddles & Pull Buoy

Class size; 12 swimmers per teacher

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