The Importance of Water Safety

Spending time at the swimming pool or enjoying a day at the beach are both great ways to relax with friends and family. In Dubai, it’s especially a good way to escape the heat. But, what happens if you unexpectedly fall into the pool with clothes on? What would happen if there is no one watching you swim in the sea? Accidents can always happen! ...

Book Your Swimming Classes Online Now!

We have very exciting news! You can now book your swimming classes online from the convenience of your own home, or wherever you happen to be. You can easily see the availability of the courses and get all your information in one place. Choose between locations and different timings as you make your online booking and get confirmation right away. It is that easy! How ...

How to avoid swimming injuries

Most of us know swimming is a low-impact exercise and one of the least dangerous sporting activities however this doesn’t mean that injuries never happen.  We’ll take you through some of the most common injuries and give you helpful tips on how to avoid them. Swimmers Shoulder Swimmers shoulder is an injury that affects the shoulder joint. It occurs as a result of the inflammation ...

How to chose the right goggles and swimming caps for your child?

If your child is starting swim lessons, you want to make sure that you get him or her the right equipment. Without a good pair of goggles and a swim cap, being in the water can be very uncomfortable. You want to make sure that your child enjoys their time in the water so investing in a pair of goggles and a swim cap that ...

So You Want to Learn to Swim? How to Prepare for Adult Swim Classes

Are you an adult who wants to learn to swim? Maybe you are looking to spend more time with your family in the pool. Or, you might want to learn to swim in order to get in better shape. Whatever your reason, learning to swim is an exciting adventure HPSC can guide you in. “Swimming or taking classes with Gerrie feels more of having fun and ...

How Do We Guide Children Who Are Worried to Join Swimming Classes?

Does your child not want to join the swimming class? How can you convince them that swimming can be fun and beneficial? Many children are worried to get into the swimming pool, in spite of seeing their friends having fun in the water playground. This is quite common but with the right approach from the parents your child will become confident in the water. The ...

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