Registration and Assessments

How to register?

Select the  course(s) suitable for the swimmer  from the timetable of the pool of your choice or find the course in our online booking schedule. 

When you have decided on the best course for your child then book the course ONLINE  

The fees to pay for your child’s first  swimming lesson until the end of term  will be shown when you book on line. Fees need to be paid to your child’s swimming teacher  at the first swimming lesson. 

Your child’s place is confirmed when the full fee has been paid. You can sign up for one, two or three classes per week.  Make sure that you book each class separately.

Please read our payment rules and behavior rules. By agreeing to a program with the High performance Swimming company you agree to the terms and conditions laid out in this page. 

I do not know the swimming level of my child ? What should I do ? 

New beginners and those who are happy in the water can enter our level 1 and 2 classes straight away. Those who already can swim 10 meters can enter level 3. Those who can swim more then that and/or had swimming lessons before l can book a free level assessment at the pool of your choice to find out the correct swimming level. These sessions can also be booked ONLINE .

How does the assessment work ?

Have your child ready to swim in appropriate swim wear and goggles 5 minutes before the assessment.  At the start of the assessment your child will be asked to sit down by the pool side and be ready for the assessment.

Parents are requested to keep away from the side of the pool at this time to allow the teachers to conduct the assessment. Once your child has been assessed the teacher will inform you about the swimming level your child should attend.

If you need any assistance with booking your child’s swimming lesson then please call HPSC office on 050 – 1754747

We look forward to see your child in one of our swimming courses. 


Alex Popov

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