Swim Squads

Join us in term 1 !

The year will be divided in to two terms. Each term will be 22 weeks:

  • Term 1 – Sunday 2nd September 2018 – Saturday 2nd  February 2019
  • Term 2 – Sunday 3rd February  2019 –  Wednesday 3rd July 2019

The program will be continuously run throughout the year.

Squad training will take place in Hamdan Sports Complex and Sunmarke School – JVT with Head coach – Konstantin Bushmelev and Squad coach – Marko Skakaljevic

How can my child join ?

Contact us for a FREE assessment session.  After this session Head coach Konstantin Bushmelev and/or coach Marko Skakaljevic will inform you about the best Squad Level for your child and you will be informed about the correct schedule and payment for the desired Squad. 

You can register your child ONLINE  under Swim Squad registration and we will be in touch or call us on 050 – 1754747.