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Terms & Conditions

All customers who are booking a service with High Performance Sport Club will have to fill out an online registration form, here, the participant or the participant’s Parent/Legal Guardian (if participant is younger than 18), will need to agree to the terms and conditions, code of conduct and payment policy of High Performance Sport Club as outlined below.

You confirm that the information set out in the registration form is accurate in all material respects and that you will inform us of any changes immediately.


High Performance Sport Club offers services relating to sport activities, including but not limited to; swimming, basketball, football, and volleyball. To take part in these activities and classes, participants will use our online booking platform. All payments should be made using this online system.

Participants are allowed to attend an assessment before their first class, however this is not mandatory. If you book the participant in a class without prior assessment, High Performance Sport Club is allowed to shift the participant to a more appropriate class if this is required from a Learning and safety standard.

High Performance Sport Club also reserves the right to shift a participant to a different level during the term time or holiday time to ensure the participant is progressing at the correct level.

On occasion, there might be the need to adjust class timings or coaches of a scheduled class/activity due to various reasons. High Performance Sport Club reserves the right to;

  • Change lessons timings, with prior notice given to all participants, and offering other available scheduled activities.
  • Cancel a class in cases of emergency due to coach sickness if no substitute can be found in a timely manner
  • Substitute the coach of a class with another High Performance Sport Club coach for any reason.
  • Change class area or cancel a class if the appropriate teaching area is not available on that day
Health and Safety

You understand and further acknowledge that taking part in sport activities and exercise involves a degree of risk from this participation, including but not limited to: abnormal blood pressure, fainting, disorders of the heart, heart attack, stroke or even death. And further understand and acknowledge that there also exists the possibility of certain injuries, including but not limited to: damage to muscles, bone, organs, tendons and joints of the body.

You will inform the High Performance Sport Admin staff regarding any medical related issues or conditions that a participant may face, including but not limited to; diabetes, medication, allergies, disabilities etc., so that our coaches and staff can be informed of this in case of any emergency.

You acknowledge that the participant is medically fit and allowed to take part in the activities offered by High Performance Sport Club. You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to inform us of any changes of the participants' health and wellbeing.

You explicitly agree to assume all risk of death or injury to you/your child and/or loss of, or damage to any property of High Performance Sport Club or any parent, subsidiary or affiliate company resulting directly or indirectly from their participation. You expressly release and discharge High Performance Sport Club and its owners, employees, agents, hired venues and assigns from any and all liabilities, claims, suits, demands or actions arising from or in connection with [my/his/her] participation in the sports activities programs. This release shall be binding on my heirs and executors [and those of my son/daughter].

You further agree that should you/your child behave in any manner deemed by High Performance Sport Club as disruptive or that could lead to injury of the participant or any other participant, High Performance Sport Club are hereby authorised to expel the participant from any further participation in the Sports activity programs without refund.

Management or their hired venues will not be liable or responsible for any personal injury, accident or death, or any loss or damage to personal property or vehicles caused to or suffered by any visitors, participants, spectators or invitees attending any of the activities hosted by High Performance Sport Club at any of their venues. All participants, spectators or invitees will be responsible for obtaining appropriate insurance in relation to the conducted activities.

Photos & Videos of Participants

By agreeing to the High Performance Sport Club activities, you consent to having photos/videos/pictures/images/recordings made of the participant which can be used to promote High Performance Sport Club both internally and externally. These images could be used but are not limited to; print, digital publications, social media marketing, teaching and training purposes. You understand that images of the participant used on the High Performance Sport club Website can be viewed by anyone using the website and you understand that some images may be kept permanently once published as an archive.

You understand that there are other spectators who are also part of High Performance Sports Club who may take photos and videos of the participants during the activities and understand that it is your responsibility to inform the High Performance Sport Club team if you would not like your child/participant to be photographed.

Payment Policy

All payments should be made in advance before the participants first class/activity. Payment should be made through our online booking system or online invoice send by our admin staff and all participants will receive a confirmation email and/or message once the payment is completed. Only when the participant has received the email is the activity for the participant confirmed.

Schedules and timings for the term classes can be selected when booking online, and after payments are completed, the participant will need to follow the selected schedule as per the booking. Class schedules are able to be changed but only with prior notice from our admin staff that this change has been confirmed. If a participant arrives at a class which is not in their booking confirmation or has been communicated in advance, High Performance Sport Club has a right to refuse the participant from joining that class or activity.

If no payment is made prior to the participant starting their first lesson, High Performance Sport Club has the right to refuse the participant from joining the class/activity.

Term Payments

Payments made for a term are only valid for that specific term course and cannot be transferred to another term. Courses can only be put on hold on a case by case basis and will be decided and confirmed by the Club Manager. Participants who are not utilising their classes/activities in the term time and have not informed the admin staff regarding this will not receive any payment refund or credit note.

The term packages include a registration fee which is non-discountable or refundable.

Term Expiry Date

Each Term Package has an expiriy date for the validity of the activities, participants need to use 100% of their classes before the expiriy date. Classes missed during term time need to be made up before the expiry date. 

The expiry dates for the terms are as follows:

Term 3 - 30th July 2023

Summer Break - 26th August 2023

Term 1 - 30th December 2023

Term 2 - 6th April 2024

Once the epiry date has passed, the classes will no longer be valid for use.

Make-up classes

If a participant is unable to attend a class, High Performance Sport Club Admin Staff need to be informed in advance of the upcoming class/activity that the participant cannot attend.

If no communication was made at least 12 hours prior to the scheduled class, no refund or credit note will be given.

Make-up classes are only offered until the term expiry date.

Classes not taken due to swimmers being on holiday outside of term breaks will not be refunded or offered as a Make-Up class.

Attending a Make-up class

If a participant is offered a make-up class, you will be informed in advance with the schedule of this class. Participants cannot show up to any class of their level without prior confirmation of the Admin staff about the scheduled make-up class.

Make-up classes are not offered during term time to avoid overbooking classes. The safety and wellbeing of our participants is our highest priority and having too many children in one class can lead to avoidable incidents.

Make-up lessons will be offered during the Holiday Programs which follow the term. Missed and cancelled classes will NOT be carried over to the new term or deducted from the new term fees if the participant is unable to attend their make-up class.

Cancellation Policy

Customers can cancel their online booking within 24 hours after having placed their booking and before their first lesson has started. Once a participant has attended their first lesson the booking can no longer be cancelled. Cancelled packages can be refunded minus 10% administration fee. Registration fees cannot be refunded for any reason. Please allow up to 45 days for the refund transfer to be completed.

Refund Policy

Refunds will not be given once a participant has started their classes/activities.

In a scenario that a refund is granted to you, you will be offered a partial refund. The refunds are decided on a case by case basis from the Club Manager. Registration fees are non-refundable.

Occasionally, schedules may need to be changed and coaches need to be substituted, this does not give you the right to a refund.

Refunds will be made through the original mode of payment, please allow up to 45 days for the refund to be processed.

Code of Conduct

Every participant enrolled in our swimming or sports programs will have to adhere to the High Performance Sport Club rules and regulations to make sure that the program and development of the participant is done in a professional manner and thus, ensures the high quality of service.

  • Participants are required to arrive 5 minutes prior to classes/activities commencing.
  • Participants should arrive dressed in appropriate sports wear.
  • All participants who have the new team kit should arrive to and from the pool with their kit on, and sport participants need to wear their kit during sport classes and activities.
  • Participants are not allowed to start any activity or class without the supervision and confirmation of a High Performance Sport Club Coach.
  • Participants should wait quietly before the start of their class or activity to avoid disturbing other classes around you.
  • No jewellery is to be worn during training (includes watches, necklaces, bangles etc.).
  • No food or chewing gum is to be consumed at the poolside or in the sports halls/courts (spectators or swimmers). Light snacks are permitted but only in certain areas and any mess/rubbish needs to be cleaned up.
  • Participants are recommended to only have water or suitable hydration drinks in bottles (e.g. Pocari Sweat) during their sessions. Fizzy drinks, canned drinks and other liquids are not allowed.
  • No glass containers or glass bottles are allowed at the poolside or in the sports halls/courts (spectators or swimmers).
  • Parents/Guardian are responsible to supervise their child before and after the class/activity. Participants are not allowed to leave the premises without their Parent/Guardian. It is also the Parents/Guardians responsibility to supervise siblings of the participant.
  • There will be seating offered to Parents/Guardians and are asked to stay in the specified area during class time. Parents/Guardians are allowed to take their child to the washroom during class time if required. We ask that all Parents/Guardians refrain from wandering around the sport facilities and premises.
  • Parents/Guardians are requested to not talk or interact with the participant or their coach during the class. Any points which Parents would like to discuss can be done after coaching hours or can be directed to our Admin staff who will then contact the coach at an appropriate time.
  • Participants need to use the specified changing rooms to get dressed and change clothes. Boys up to age 5 can be changed in the Female changing rooms if accompanied by their parent and guardian. Boys aged 6 and up are not allowed to enter the Female changing rooms or toilets and need to use the male changing rooms/toilets. Participants are not allowed to get changed in the sport premises.
  • All Children, Participants, Parents and Guardians are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible and appropriate manner at all times and to respect the facilities and their conditions of use. Gross misconduct and disrespect may result in expulsion from the Club.
Late Policy

Coaches and staff will not stay after a scheduled lesson to make up time caused by tardiness. High Performance Sport Club staff also have the right to refuse any participants who arrive to the class later than 15 minutes, unless this has been communicated prior to the start of the lesson and agreed with the High Performance Sport Club Admin team.